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Brazil importing to the guitar

Date:Mar29, 2020

This passage is mainly for the customers from Brazil who have no experience on importing into Brazil.


In our experience dealing with customers from Brazil, we find that Brazil importing is not easy.

An experienced importing agent with strong customs clearance ability is very important to Brazil buyers.

Without an experienced importing agent, the goods are easily stuck by Brazil customs.

Even by Express, customs clearance ability is important.

A lot of air shipping agents in China don't accept the goods delivered to Brazil by FEDEX, DHL, TNT or UPS.

They usually suggest to ship by EMS.

That is because if the goods are returned by Brazil customs, FEDEX, DHL, TNT and UPS will charge very high cost for shipping the goods back to China

while EMS' cost for shipping back is not that high.


In a word, if you have no experience on importing into Brazil, you should look for an experienced importing agent in Brazil to help you do the importing customs clearance.

If  you don't know how to find an agent, no need to worry, Hongman can introduce one to you!