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The Guitar and Ukulele to USA Importing

Date:Mar29, 2020

There are two main important things when we are working with customers from USA. The first thing is ISF filing which must to be done before the sailing and another is that USA performs the CITES Rules very strictly. 


No matter the shipment contains rosewood or not, the USA customs  needs the guitar maker to provide what type of wood(English name and scientific name ), where the wood harvested from, and even needs the weight of each piece of wood(The weight of the fingerboard, the weight of the front, the weight neck, the weight of the back and sides).


For example, we use spruce on the guitar top. The harvest place is Alaska. GENUS is   Picea and SPECIES is sitchensis. The weight is about 0.4kg. the USA customs needs such details information. We have arrange all the related information of all the wood we use on the guitars and can send to our customers immediately.