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Argentine guitar and ukulele import

Date:Apr15, 2020

We found the Argentine customs is  a lot of difference from the customs of other countries in our experience with our Argentine customers.

Firstly, our customers need us to send him proforma invoice and then apply for the import licence.

This process may take a couple of days or even a couple of weeks. 

Then the final shipping quantities and goods value must same as the proforma invoice.

If not, our customers have to change the import documents. Goods can't be delivered before getting the approval for revised document.

When we make guitar and ukulele orders for Argentia customers, we usually make spare  in case of short quantities after the final quality checking.

Argentina is also the member of CITES. If the guitars of the shipment contain the rosewood, they needs the CITES certificate from us. If rosewood is not contained in the order, they need us  to write a statement to declare what wood we used.

If the goods are very low value, they need the INVOICE and CO with Embassy Endorsement. We have experience in applying for it and this process takes about 10 working days.

The sea shipping cost to Argentia may change quickly. For example, the shipping cost maybe USD1000 this week, but it may rise to USD1200 next week.