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Can I learn guitar as my fingers are short?

Date:Mar31, 2020

A lot of beginners may have following puzzles:

Why I can't open my fingers?

It seems that my fingers are too small and too short?

Why are my fingers not flexible and not under control?

Is there anything wrong with my fingers?


Actually, we should not doubt that if we are suitable to learn guitar or not. 

We have methods to solve all the above problems.


(1)Choose suitable size of guitar.

Not everybody is suitable for the 41 inch guitar. If you think your fingers are not that long, we suggest you to try 36 inch guitar or even 34 inch guitar.

We believe there is always one size that is suitable for you.


(2)Ajust the gesture and angle of the fingers.

Correct gesture and angle of the fingers are important.  If we use wrong gesture, we may think that our fingers are not flexible and can't be controled well.


(3)Practise more and more.

Maybe we have tried 100 times but still fail to do it well. Then we should try another 100 times. We are sure that skill comes from practice.

After we have enough practise, we will find that our fingers are flexible and we can control them well. At that time, we may think that our fingers are not short.


As we can see, there are a lot of kids who can play guitar very well. So no need to think too much about the finger. we just need to keep on practising.

Those who want to learn guitar well must can overcome the difficulties.