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What guitar is good for beginners

Date:Dec22, 2019
1. The difference between ballad guitar and classical guitar: most of the materials are elaborated from the differences of shape, structure, performance form and learning methods. I think the real difference is the guitar string. Classical guitar strings use nylon guitar strings which are suitable for solo performance and music performance, while ballad guitars use steel strings only. Especially now the folk guitar is made by imitating the classical guitar. You bought a ballad guitar and replaced it with a nylon guitar string.

2. Electric guitar board type unplugged loudspeaker is very quiet, only you can hear it clearly. The volume effect of a ballad without a loudspeaker is almost the same.

3. What kind of guitar is good for average people? It depends, of course, on personal interests and the ability to pay in cash. Suggestions are to follow your feelings. Classical play tired of changing steel strings, folk ballad tired of changing Nylon Guitar strings.

4. Guitar brand: In the eighties and nineties, the rankings are: red cotton in Guangzhou, bel canto in Shanghai, Kingfisher in Shenyang and parrot in Beijing. Nowadays, as long as you can make a good voice. Find an expert when buying a guitar. It would be great if I could choose it by myself